Driving in this yucky weather reminded me of the “word-of-the-day” for a few days ago, mizzle:

I wonder if this weather could be called snizzle.  Yes, I made that word up as is indicated by the squiggly line under it my word processor has put there as a warning while I type.  Is it snow or is it drizzle?  I was annoyed as I played with the windshield wipers.  Too fast then I get the “bububub…” sound of the wipers as they passed unnecessarily against the dry windshield.  Too slow, and eventually I couldn’t see as the other cars splashed dirt at me.  So I was forced to play the “intermittent” game and sometimes, even the washer fluid.  I guess it’s better than snow (we’ve had enough already) but I think I’d prefer drizzle to this “snizzle”!