Have You Seen this Wonderful Site?

ae-whole-logoThis site, sponsored by Abilities Expo which comes to Boston on Sept. 18th, is very comprehensive and contains a lot of great information:



My Life with Service Dog Project

1480702_10201702141782541_5854104169300296568_nI know I’ve mentioned it before, but after last night’s wonderful celebration, I feel I need to mention it again.  Because I regularly volunteer at Service Dog Project (SDP) where Denim is from, I was invited to last night’s celebration and met many other people that give so much to this wonderful organization.

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I Did NOT Quit!

Sorry, bit of a rant here.  I am very tired of the implication that I QUIT my job!  I did not voluntarily quit!  My doctor at the time, back in April 2000,  recommended that I stop working as my symptoms were progressing and I was getting too tired.  Sure, I had to convince myself that I was lucky to be able to spend so much time with my small children but I always found it rather insulting when a non-disabled person would say, “oh, your SO lucky!”  Oh really?  You want my Ataxia?  It kinda goes with the territory.

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My Flannel Shirt

AAAADFtYVxcAAAAAAJEwggAs you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been recycling my articles from past support group newsletters.  Getting dressed this morning, reminded me of this one:

At one of our gatherings, several of us discussed the difference between when we are merely trying our best, making the effort, and working our existing capabilities versus just being stubborn and irresponsible.  When do we use the cane, walker, or wheelchair?   I can currently get by with the use of my service dog, Denim. But one of these days, I may need something more.

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I Consider Myself Lucky

8cbb9e85ac1a465b6671b3998b508e94Several years ago I wrote an article for “Generations” about looking on the “bright side” of my disability. I had recently read the book Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox.  This book inspired me to give serious thought to the many “blessings” life with ataxia has given me.  It has made me realize that I too, really am lucky.  Nothing is gained by dwelling on the negatives.  I have to admit that I took the diagnosis of ataxia as a tragic life sentence but as they say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

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