Have You Seen this Wonderful Site?

ae-whole-logoThis site, sponsored by Abilities Expo which comes to Boston on Sept. 18th, is very comprehensive and contains a lot of great information:



I Need to Hold On (Sometimes just a Little Bit)

IMG_1173With the new year just around the corner, I got to thinking about how we need to hold on, at least a little bit, to the past.  (Well, at least I do.) Even though I may look forward to new experiences, I still cling to the “old standby-s”.  I need to hold onto that optimism that what happened in the past can and will happen again.  Unfortunately, sometimes this will not hold true in all cases when dealing with my Ataxia, which is progressive.  However, my philosophy is to expect the best and then just go with what I get. (One reason I can go sky-diving is because I know  the ground will still be there as it has been in the past and I know my instructor has done this several times already.)  Just knowing the constants seems to help the situation.

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York_Pinball_Show_12Another symptom of my type of Ataxia, ARCA-1, is abnormal eye movements. I have found, that sometimes what I perceive with my eyes can get in the way.  My eyes seem to have a mind of their own.  For instance, getting a pan out from inside the cabinet can be a challenge  I see the door opening.  It’s plenty wide enough. I see what I want in the back of the cabinet.  Oh no!  I’m going to have to reach back there, putting my head inside the door opening.  I see the sides, aim myself and BAM! I start banging my head from side to side in a game of what I call head-pinball.

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