Word of the Day – Epistolize

FullSizeRenderToday’s word is Epistolize. This word refers to writing a letter. I’ve always been impressed with hand-written letters.  However, my Ataxia has made writing dificuilt.  When my kids were little, they were actually reprimanded by their teachers who said, “I SAID, get a PARENT’S signature, (not write it yourself)!”  How upsetting when your handwriting is worse than a 7-year-old’s!

Well, to practice my fine motor control, I have been coloring.  I brought it up at today’s support group meeting  and many seemed to really take to it!



The “Color” of Ataxia

IMG_1169One of my latest pastimes is to color.   Coloring is not only billed as a stress fighter and mood elevator but also it really works on the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. One of my favorite coloring books is a book of patterns.  The individual sections of these drawings are large enough so as not to be too frustrating for someone with as poor motor control as me. (Don’t look too closely though!  I still go out of the lines quite a bit.) I also like the freedom to choose which colors I want.

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