Changes What - Front CoverAnother article about changes…

Yesterday was full of changes and reminders of the changes I’ve already withstood.  Yesterday, I turned 52 years-old and I had to return Ruckus to the Crazy Acres farm (the great dane I had been taking care of over the storm had to go back to the farm where Denim is also from). Hey, if I’ve survived before, I can do it again. Life goes on.

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Willing to Change

IMG_1208Sometimes, we just need to be willing to make a change.  OK, this wasn’t a necessary change, but we moved to this house over 14 years ago and all that time our knives were in the farthest most right compartment in the silverware drawer.  However, a couple months ago, my daughter suggested that I was too stuck in my ways as she didn’t see why the bowls HAD to go in a certain place.  Oh, she made me realize that I didn’t like being accused of not being flexible enough and that some changes were in order.  So I not only moved the bowls, but also switched my spoons and knives in the silverware drawer.

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