What if … You could feel what I feel?

This article has a lot to do with perspective.  When some people see me, I wish they would not assume they know what I’m going through.  Some of us have a “high tolerance of pain” so never assume it is “not that bad”.  So I wonder how you would respond if you could feel what I feel. Continue reading


International Ataxia Awareness Day

13599_10152235192912382_6763501254381231866_nToday is International Ataxia Awareness Day. Back in June of 1998 I had never heard the word. However, by the following month, the word “Ataxia” had become all too familiar. It was really scary for a mother of a 2-year old and a 5-month old baby. But now I look at my now 19 and 17-year old and realize how much we’ve spread the word.  We have reached countless playmates and their parents, classmates and teammates. Not to mention all the groups I’ve participated in over the years. However, there are still lots of people out there that have never heard the word “Ataxia”.

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Word of the Day – rubberneck

rubbernecker1Today’s word is rubberneck. We’ve all seen these people on the highway as they gawk at the accident on the side of the road.

I have found that when I walk around with Denim at my side, I also become an oddity worth staring at.  However I have  chosen to use this opportunity to spread awareness of my Ataxia as I explain to the onlookers what she does for me.

Word of the Day – bibliomania

a.baa-lots-of-booksToday’s word is bibliomania, which refers to an excessive fondness for acquiring and possessing books.

With something like Ataxia, I say read.  There’s a lot out there to look at and try to get an understanding of what is going on and how to cope.  Ya, someMichael-J.-Fox-Lucky-Man will be ‘over your head’ but little bits here and there will prove very beneficial. Subscribe to Generations from the NAF.  Check out NAF’s resource list, http://www.ataxia.org/resources/generations.aspx.  Read stuff thabout dealing and keeping a positive attitude such as,  Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox or The Happiness of Pursuit by Davis Phinney.