Have You Seen this Wonderful Site?

ae-whole-logoThis site, sponsored by Abilities Expo which comes to Boston on Sept. 18th, is very comprehensive and contains a lot of great information:



Word of the Day – Commensal

08-handicapped-accessible-sign.w529.h529.2xToday’s word is commensal. This word refers to people eating together at the same table.  This made me think of accessibility. Being on the town of Andover disability commission, I hear lots about accessibility.  However, sometimes I believe it should be just common sense.  Some people need the extra floor space for a wheelchair (or a service dog!) That’s just a fact. I recently went to a movie theater that had “Accessible” seating which consisted of open space and a SINGLE chair. I needed to sit there so Denim would have the floor space to spread out.  However, my daughter had to sit BEHIND us.  Does this seating arrangement imply that a person in a wheelchair can only have one friend at a time?