Hi, from Chester

aluminum-no-idling-parking-sign-k-2601Because the long awaited Boston Support Group meeting at MGH is going to be this Saturday, I thought I’d resurrect this blog.

Back in June, I moved out here to Chester alone (with Denim of course).  I felt I needed to push myself beyond my preconceived limits to test my ability to be independent despite Ataxia.

I am of the philosophy that we need to keep active in order to deal with this Ataxia, hence the “no idling” sign.

One very significant positive in my life at the moment, is Denim!  I  can’t begin to describe all the ways she has changed my life. Great Danes from the Service Dog Project in Ipswich are perfect, in my opinion, for those with Ataxia.  Just ask any of the 4 members of New England support groups that have these wonderful service dogs: Kathy in NH with Dory, Cindy in RI with Ava , Jack with Emmett and myself with Denim in Mass.


My own life has changed considerably.  Denim keeps me active. I no longer live in constant search of something to hold onto.  She is that something.


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