What if … You could feel what I feel?

This article has a lot to do with perspective.  When some people see me, I wish they would not assume they know what I’m going through.  Some of us have a “high tolerance of pain” so never assume it is “not that bad”.  So I wonder how you would respond if you could feel what I feel.

This occurred to me when I looked at myself in the mirror.  That reflection I see of myself is not how you see me. When I look in the mirror, my hair is parted on the left. However, when you look at me, it is parted on the right.  This is nothing significant but it made me realize that others see a different image of me than what I see in the mirror.

When I was in kindergarten, I became intrigued with the notion of “color blindness”.  The teacher had indicated that she was testing us for color blindness, and before I realized it had to do with being able to distinguish between colors, I was very insulted.  I thought that she had no right to decide if the colors I saw, were “correct”.   How could she even know what I saw when I saw the color blue, never mind tell me whether or not it was “correct”.  There really is no way that we can conclude that what we all see as “blue” is truly the same.  But does it matter?

To top it off, Ataxia symptoms are so subjective.  They manifest themselves so differently in everyone.  Furthermore, each person’s response to the diagnosis has a huge impact on its progression.

So if I tell you that my Ataxia is making me feel tired or weak, all you know is how you feel when you’re tired or weak.  If you could feel exactly what I feel, it would be so much easier!


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