WHAT-IF that bird had Ataxia?


I am going to start a new feature in this blog: “What-if” weekends.  Each weekend I will attempt to write about some completely obscure scenario.

For instance, I recently noticed a bird sitting on a nearby branch and thought to myself, “What if that bird had Ataxia?”,  Let’s call her Charlee, “Charlee the Chickadee.”  Well, Charlee is very hungry and can’t help but stare at that bird feeder.  However, that bird feeder is only designed for birds that can freely stand on its perch and eat.  However, she’s stuck only eating what falls to the ground (that is if the squirrels don’t get to it first).

Furthermore, the other birds can’t help but wonder what’s up with that bird!  They’re feasting away but can’t imagine why she’s not joining them.  It’s pretty good and soon it’ll all be gone!

Then one of them flies up to her and invites her to fly with them to check out the neighbor’s feeder.  But Charlee can’t fly that far or fast.  She needs to muster up whatever energy she has left to “fly” down to the ground to check out the food situation.  So she politely declines.

Maybe Charlee should tell them what her limitations are.  I bet one of them would help.  Some birds can be pretty nice.  Some actually enjoy helping others.  What’s the worst that can happen if she just asks?  Worse than sitting alone, hungry?


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