Word of the Day – tatterdemalion


MaTante with Elise & Raymond in 2000

Today’s word is tatterdemalion. This word refers to a person in tattered clothing; a slob.

This one sent me far down “memory lane”.  It reminded me of a phrase my great-aunt, MaTante, often used: Bon Homme.  Due to the fact that my mother had died when I was young, we spent a lot of time with MaTante growing up.  She tended to refer to my younger brother and myself as a “Bon Homme” when we were disheveled. (shirt not tucked in, hair uncombed, dirty face…)

MaTante was my big helper when my kids were little.  She went everywhere with me and would sit in the car with the kids when I ran my errands.  Shortly after I was diagnosed with Ataxia in 1998, I suffered a case of double vision  Having come on fairly suddenly while driving, I knew I had to get home quickly.  MaTante was seated on my right, and not wanting to panic her (she had nightmares about having to drive), I closed my left eye in order to navigate the road.  It was never determined if the double vision was related to the Ataxia or not but I had strabismus surgery in 2007 after having worn prism glasses for several years.


3 thoughts on “Word of the Day – tatterdemalion

  1. Hi Donna, Just wanted to say Hi. Haven’t seen a Word of the Day blog recently. Hope you are doing ok. Hi to Denim! Debbie Stone


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