Words of Day – Yesterday & Today: scroop & legerity

1350147589_sYRhAMYesterday’s word was scroop which refers to  a harsh or grating sound.

Ah, I have a lot of experience making scrooping sounds.  When I write on a chalkboard, I almost always scrape my nails annoyingly.  Don’t ask me why.  To explain why would mean that I have control over my actions.  A typical maneuver for me involves kicking something across the floor.  Again, don’t ask me why.

Today’s word is legerity which refers to physical or mental agility.



Physically, this is somethjing I do not have.  However, I am obsessed with the “WordWarp” app on my iphone which hopefully helps to retain my mental legerity.


One thought on “Words of Day – Yesterday & Today: scroop & legerity

  1. Hi Donna – Thank you for “Word of the Day” and how they reference your life. It also is teaching me something new each day. Hi to Denim! Stay strong!

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