Word of the Day – volitant

33658_1410028457963_6939926_nToday’s word is volitant .  This word describes having the power of flight.

Of course, this word reminded me of my skydiving adventures.  I posted an article about this adventure back in December.  Back on 10/10/10, I jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet!  It was unbelievable!  It was so freeing.  For 5 minutes, my Ataxia had no bearing.  Being my first time, I had it videotaped (I have since jumped 4 more times.)  That video is up in YouTube where you can watch it if you want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry84b2FVPcM

I want people with Ataxia to know that they should look into this if they’re at all interested.  A few e-mails and phone calls and I found a place that could accommodate my disability. My instructor helped me through the whole process.  He helped me to the plane, helped with the landing, and he helped me walk after it was all done (my ‘land legs’ were far away!) It was amazing!!!

As a side note, my last jump, in June ’14, was quite traumatizing for poor Denim.  While waiting for our turn to jump, my kids, Denim and I all sat at the picnic tables near the landing field.  As the jumpers from the previous plane load started come in, Denim was taken aback by those people ‘falling out of the sky’.  She was such a nervous wreck that my son and  I had to slowly coax her back to the car.  She spent the rest of her time there hanging out in the safety of the car with my son.  To this day, Denim cautiously watches the sky when she hears a plane overhead.


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