Word of the Day – veridical; Let’s be Honest Here

Photo on 2015-04-27 at 08.28Today’s word is veridical .  This describes something truthful and genuine.

OK, I’ll be honest here.  I haven’t written in here in a while.  The truth is I haven’t been feeling up to snuff lately.  Physically, I’m just dealing with severe tiredness, aches and pains right now but emotionally, I’m fighting a lot of issues.  I recently dealt with a terrible skin rash which has left my face severely scarred.  It’s fading, but not fast enough.  Sometimes I just want to hide under a rock.  However, I have recently been venturing out (for short spurts due to the tiredness) but I can’t help but be paranoid about how I look.  So I don my hat and hope that between that and the fact that I’m with a Great Dane, nobody will even notice my face.  (Thank goodness, Denim doesn’t care how I look!)

To top it off, my Ataxia seems to have got worse.  So I’m just depressed all around.   I guess an occasional depression is par for the course with this Ataxia.


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