Words of the last 3 Days – argot, schlemiel, and grubstake

image4The first word, argot, refers to a special vocabulary used a particular group of people.

This reminded me of an inside joke, whose humor is only grasped by others in the same group.  For example, several of us with Ataxia find the questions about falls to be quite amusing   To many in the health profession, falling is a serious occurrence but to many Ataxians, unfortunately, it is a very common one.  I always find it rather amusing when my Physical Therapists asks me about how many times have I fallen in the past 6 months?  6 months, really!!! (My response, “about how many DAYS is that?”)

The next word, schlemiel, is slang for an unlucky person for whom things always seem to go wrong.

clumsy3clumsy-womanAh, I think this refers to me as of late!  The other day I had to take another trip to the ER.  I am currently seeing a doctor about a mysterious skin condition already, so when I slammed into the kitchen counter gashing my head, I thought nothing of it.  But all the blood made my family convince me to get it looked at.  Poor Denim has become quite familiar with waiting in the ER with me.  (I think I need to set aside the pride and use her more often!)

Lastly, today’s word is grubstake.  This refers to assistance given at a time of need

ae-whole-logoThis site, sponsored by Abilities Expo which comes to Boston on Sept. 18th, is very comprehensive and contains a lot of great information:



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