Sometimes We Just Need to Look a Little Harder

IMG_1644OK, even “Susie Sunshine” (as I have been called in the past) has her bad days.  Sometimes I just want to yell, “Uncle!”  I’m done.   I’m beaten.  Stop!   I’ve recently been dealing with new health issues that are proving to be a mystery even to the doctors.  Unfortunately, besides all the aches and pains and general lethargy, I LOOK scary!  I have these hideous lesions breaking out all over especially on my face, neck, ears and eyes.  The lesions on my neck are in such a pattern that they make me think of a horror movie where my head has been sewn in place.  (I have to find humor in this situation.)  But Denim doesn’t care how I look, thank God!

So the other day, my husband, Rich, took me for a ride to the beach.  This is a picture from that outing.  Granted, it doesn’t look like anything special, but to me, it was wonderful!  As Rich pointed out, referring to Hampton Beach, “In just a few short months, this place will be hopping!”  Yah, the beach was raw and foggy but look deeper.  To me, it meant warm weather is on the way.  It was a wonderful occasion for some fresh air.  Even Denim got to go for a walk.  Then to top it all off, we went out for ice cream!


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