Sunshine and Chaos’s Sunday Quotes – BEGINNINGS


Denim at Service Dog Project in Ipswich

Today’s quotes, , are about BEGINNINGS.  The one that rang true for me was: “Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been and move on. Don’t let negative words or actions of others affect your smile. Decide that today is going to be a good day.” – Unknown 

Being Easter, I found this theme very appropriate. Last year, at this time I was getting Denim at “Service Dog Project” in Ipswich.  I took her home on the following Tuesday.

I wondered about the fact that I was getting a service dog on Easter weekend.

Getting a service dog meant a huge change for my life. My disability has taken on a new reality. No more denying it or faking it.  It has been and continues to be a new life for me.

Doesn’t Easter also represent a new beginning?

This year?  Well, this year is also a new experience.  This year I am dealing with…well, I don’t know.  The doctors don’t know.   But no matter what, I have Denim by my side!


One thought on “Sunshine and Chaos’s Sunday Quotes – BEGINNINGS

  1. I think it’s scary when you’re not sure what’s going with your body. Hang in there! Michelle Z.


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