Word of the Day – dysphemism

Today’s word is dysphemism.  This is basically an insult or offensive comment.

I know I said in a previous article that we shouldn’t need to announce that we are not drunk.  However, people feel the need to insult others that are different from what they perceive as “normal”.  People are constantly accusing me of having had too much to drink.  When I pump gas, I’m especially paranoid. As I stumble around the car and attempt to put my credit card into the appropriate slot, I don’t have Denim with me as an excuse.  I wish people could see her sitting in the car with her service vest on.

When stumbling over a 2-inch curb, I’ve heard, “Walk much?” When staggering in the market at 9:00 am, I’ve heard, “Starting a little early, don’t you think?” When I’ve tripped coming out of a restaurant after lunch, I’ve heard, “Enjoy your liquid lunch?”


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