Word of the Day – Sastruga

IMG_1392Today’s word is sastruga.  This is a very appropriate word considering our current weather.  It’s usually used in plural, sastrugi, and refers to the natural ridges of snow formed by the wind.

Even though I’m getting tired of this winter and want all the snow to melt, I do have to admit that freshly fallen snow is very pretty. The rhythmic pattern, such as in the above picture, reminds me of the fact that I have always liked to have a first glance of the snow in the yard before the natural patterns were broken with footprints.

Similarly, with my Ataxia, when I get into a rhythm, I need to keep it.  For instance, if I’m walking along with a line of people keeping a set pace, I’m fine, but if that line should suddenly stop, there better be something to grab onto because I’m going to fall!  Abrupt changes, or irregularities, are a no-no!


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