Word of the Day – Butyraceous

1090877-Clipart-Moodie-Character-With-Butter-Fingers-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationToday’s word is butyraceous.  This refers to something that is buttery.  Well, this one just made me laugh.  It made me think of “butterfingers” (and no, I am not referring to the candy bar.)

Ataxia has proven to be a real test of my patience.  Let me recount a typical episode of getting my morning vitamins.  First, I walk to the medicine cabinet.  It’s morning so my walking is at its best but that’s not saying much. (I need Denim to help me get up from the chair and start the walking process.)   Once in the bathroom, I brace myself with one hand on the counter while the other hand opens the cabinet. Ouch, I open the door straight into my head. I start with my CoQ10.  I need to put 3 of these in my cup. I take the bottle into one hand and use the other hand to unscrew the cap.  Oh no, I don’t have any more hands to hold on with!  So I lean into the counter. Now the struggle with the cap begins.  After that easy 45 seconds, the cap goes flying across the bathroom floor.  I cruise along the bathroom counter to pick it up and eventually make it back to the  bottle of vitamins. I shake the bottle with one hand into the other hand.  Oh no, 5 came out. So I need to put 2 back. So I attempt to put them back but 4 go back into the bottle and now I only have one.  So I need to shake 2 more out.  3 fall out, one in my hand and the other 2 on the floor.  I need one more in my hand and the other one will go back into the bottle.  So I wisely put the 2 in my hand into the cup before I lose them. I then proceed to attempt to pick up the vitamins on the floor.  I found one, and holding onto the counter with one hand, I bend down to pick it up but first kick it across the room. Once located again I pick it up and drop it 3 more times. It eventually makes its way to the cup but I still need to find the other one on the floor. After another 5 minutes, that one makes it back into the bottle but the cap doesn’t go on just right so when I drop the bottle attempting to put it back into the cabinet, the cap falls off and all the pills fall onto the floor….Now, for my vitamin E….After a grueling 10 minutes, I am exhausted and make my way into the kitchen with my cup full of vitamins to be taken with my breakfast.  But I first need to go rest in my chair before taking that on!


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