Word of the Day – Doggo

Photo on 2015-02-20 at 09.13Today’s word is doggo.  This is an adverb referring to being hidden out of site.   It made me think about how my Ataxia is an invisible disability for the most part, like a dog who lies in wait, sleeping so lightly (which is actually how the word originated in the 1800s.)  For example, Denim at this very moment, looks fast asleep. However, if I were to leave the chair I’m in right now, she’d come to attention.

Because I myself have been in situations where people get frustrated with me for my actions, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  I’ve been at a soccer game when the ball came rolling by me and I had no choice but to let it keep rolling into the parking lot.  I couldn’t run and stop it, but the kids playing soccer couldn’t see that.  Who knows what they thought of that woman who couldn’t be bothered to stop the ball for them.  At another time, I can recall taking forever to cross the street in front of cars.  Who knows what those drivers were muttering to themselves about that woman taking her sweet time to cross the street.


One thought on “Word of the Day – Doggo

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