Word of the Day – Skookum

IMG_1357Today’s word is skookum.  Another amusing sounding word.  Anyone from the Northwest is probably familiar with it.  It refers to something large, powerful and impressive. I’ve actually read references to Sasquatch.

Well, this gave me an idea.  Sometimes with Ataxia, I need to imagine the “impossible”. I don’t see myself as a “monster” but I am “huge” and unstoppable! I see a beautiful mountain ahead of me and imagine my self at the top.  After imagining it, I can possibly find a way to make it possible.   If I can imagine myself doing something, then my attitude is that I probably can find a way.  Imagination leads to necessity which is the mother of invention. OK, I may be guilty of “biting off more than I can chew” but sometimes it takes that single bite to get that “taste in my mouth”.

All this talk of large monsters coupled with this New England weather we’re having, made me think of the abominable snowman.


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