Word of the Day – Sternutation

sneezeToday’s word is sternutation. This word refers to the act of sneezing! I found this one amusing and had no idea where to go with it but then I read that it could be considered synonymous with an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus.

That’s something I can definitely relate to.  I’m forever performing unlearned and automatic responses.  For instance, just this morning, while picking a pan up off a counter, I automatically jolted my hands hitting myself in the head with the pan. I didn’t plan it; didn’t even expect it; thank goodness I didn’t hurt myself. Even as a child, before Ataxia was in the picture, my left hand frantically moved back and forth imitating my right arm as I brushed my teeth.

And sneezing can be just plain dangerous!  If I am not braced when it happens, I will likely end up on the floor!


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