Word of the Day – Peacock

default-ds-photo-getty-article-92-185-126511624_XSToday’s word is peacock. Most people know this word.  It’s that bird with the really bright feathers (see photo)! So I started reading about the symbolism of the peacock.  Beside all the cultural and religious interpretations, one idea common to most meanings was the significance of the “eyes”.

This in turn made me think about the role my vision plays in my Ataxia.  It reminded me of an article I wrote about “head-pinball”: https://ataxiama.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/head-pinball/ In some cases, what I see with my eyes can throw me off.  On the other hand, there are times that I need my eyes open.  For instance if my neurologist were to ask me to stand with my eyes shut, I would quickly start swaying.  I need to SEE what’s around me in order to keep my bearings.

At one point I had a double–vision problem.  I was told that it was not ataxia-related however, several ataxians have also complained of this.  In 2007, I had strabismus surgery to correct this and haven’t had any issues since.


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