Word of the Day – Succorance

FullSizeRenderToday has been a very busy day.  Sorry I’m only getting to this now.  However, today’s word is succorance. This word refers to the act of seeking out affectionate care and social support.

This reminded me of 2 different articles I’ve written in the past. One being “My Happy Place”: https://ataxiama.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/my-happy-place/ and the other being “Volunteering at the Farm”: https://ataxiama.wordpress.com/2014/12/03/volunteering-at-the-farm/

Gussie - 17 days old

Gussie – 17 days old

Gussie - 8 months old

Gussie – 8 months old

It seems like much of what I write about refers back to Denim but she is such a big part of me!   These dogs give so much and are so attached to their human partners.  These dogs also need affection and care (Not that it’s difficult, they’re so adorable!) Even when they’ve left the farm, and have been matched permanently with a recipient, they still need lots of love and care! I have attached a picture of me loving the same dog, once in April and once 8 months later in December.  (Great Danes really grow fast!)

(for an analogy to “Ataxia”, see the two referenced articles.)


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