Word of the Day – Winnow

Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go.Today’s word is winnow. This word refers to the separating  of the “valuable” from the “worthless” parts. The first thing, this brings to mind, is , “Let it go!!!!!”

4725191019_611c3bc716_zOftentimes, it refers to removing the chaff from grains of wheat by letting the wind blow the unwanted parts away.

An analogy to my Ataxia? So much of Ataxia is a matter of accepting what just doesn’t matter anymore, letting it go, and moving on. For example, that particular watch is so difficult to put on this morning; does it really matter? Let it go!!!  High heals would really look good for this occasion but is the risk of breaking something really worth the loss of fashion?  I say, it doesn’t matter that much.  Let it go!!!  I really like the look of putting that food away, way up there on that shelf, but it’s so difficult to get and I’d risk my life if I stood on a chair to get it, so I say, “It doesn’t really matter.  Let it go!!”

IMG_0931Sometimes when I just let it go, and stop for a bit to take in the view, Denim will take me to a spot that is just perfect!


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