Word of the Day – Mizzle


Raymond in Quebec, MANY years ago!

Today’s word is mizzle. This is such a funny sounding word.  According to several dictionaries, it is a cross between a mist and a drizzle. I had no idea how to work with this one but then I read this, “I hate this mizzle; I’d rather it rained properly!“ and this, “…annoying weather that on the surface doesn’t deserve a jacket but after 30 minutes you are soaked” and then it hit me!  (Rain can be fun at times!) Much of my Ataxia is not obvious.  Yes, it may look like I only need to get up those 4 steps, however, to me it can be a major struggle.  I first have to survey the situation at hand and plan my “attack” (Is there a railing? Wide enough for both me & Denim?…)  So, to the naked eye, it may look like “no big deal”, like a “mist”, but to me it is more of a challenge and definitely a “drizzle”.   (And 30 minutes later I have made it to the top and am drenched with sweat!) Sometimes, I kinda wish that my Ataxia was more obvious like a “proper rain” and then others would be more anxious to make accommodations and would not assume those stairs were “no big deal”.


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