Word of the Day – Indemnify

Caution…. bit of a rant here:

0001erToday’s word is indemnify. This is the act of compensating for a sustained loss or damage.  Well, this one is a pet peeve of mine.  In my opinion, too many people feel they need to be compensated.  They are convinced that they have been wronged and that someone else should pay.  Too many people believe that “it” is someone’s fault.  But I say, OK, they did this to you, but now how are you going to respond?  You spilled your coffee on my papers, no the fact that my papers were there where they’re not supposed to be, does not make it OK.  YOU spilled the coffee now clean it up! This may be harsh, but I’m tired of people not being able to own up to their actions.

I have Ataxia.  What does it benefit to sit around saying “woe is me!”  Instead of just standing there complaining about the step in the way, go around!  (I agree, complaining does assure that someone else won’t also have to face that same step in the future, but for now, JUST GO AROUND!) Yes, looking into why it happened can help prevent it from happening to someone else, but in the meantime I HAVE ATAXIA!  Yes, it sucks!  But my philosophy, as stated above is “It is what it is, so what am I going to do about it?”


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