Changes What - Front CoverAnother article about changes…

Yesterday was full of changes and reminders of the changes I’ve already withstood.  Yesterday, I turned 52 years-old and I had to return Ruckus to the Crazy Acres farm (the great dane I had been taking care of over the storm had to go back to the farm where Denim is also from). Hey, if I’ve survived before, I can do it again. Life goes on.

Side One

Side One

Side Two

Side Two

The prompt for this feeling of nostalgia was a birthday wish from my older brother, Paul, which included pictures of an art project I had completed back in high school (We had to design an album cover in the late 1970’s.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, we used to listen to music on large vinyl records; another change.).  At that time, it seemed like life was full of changes.  A few years earlier, my mother had died and now my big brother was moving far away to California.  At the time I thought it was just awful, but now Paul has a wonderful family and life out there.  I now have a sister-in-law, 3 nieces and a nephew that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I also get to listen to my nephew’s interesting radio show every Tuesday morning because of the “new” internet concept (sorry Jeremy, but I missed you this week because of the blizzard).  I get to “see” what they’re all up to because of “facebook”. I get to look forward to all their visits.  So I reminded myself, “life went on.”

Back Cover

Back Cover

I am recently experiencing a new symptom of my Ataxia.  My hands keep going numb on me and I therefore have had to stop piano lessons.  I still practice on my own time but can no longer guarantee that I’ll be able to endure a straight half-hours’ worth of playing time.  Maybe this symptom is just temporary and will fade away like many others have in the past, but maybe it won’t.  Changes ARE scary but the past has shown that I CAN survive them!

So, as John Cleese used to say in the television comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus , “and now for something completely different”.



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