Word of the Day – Babelism

OK, I thrive on structure, so decided to take on a new task.  I have decided that each day I will check out my Dictionary App’s “word of the day.”   Then I shall consider how that word can relate to Ataxia.

Today’s word, babelism, reminds me of my speech. I find I speak too fast sometimes and tend to slur my words.  For instance, I recently was recorded saying, “Remember, Ray, you said you’d help me peel potatoes.” However, a playback of the recording sounded like this, “Remember, Ray, …(blah blah blah)… potatoes.” When I speak, I myself don’t notice this.  However, when I hear a recording, such as on a phone answering machine, I’m baffled that anyone can even understand me.  Thank goodness for keyboards I guess.


One thought on “Word of the Day – Babelism

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