Snap Out of It!

I’ve been following a thread in the National Ataxia Foundation’s facebook page.  I’m finding it very upsetting.  Lots of people are joining in and listing all the things that Ataxia has “taken away from them”!  Oh give me a break! What is the benefit in doing this?  This image was my response:


but it didn’t to make an impression.  People still continued to mourn what they could no longer do the way they used to be able to.

OK, I need to step back and consider things from these peoples’ perspective.  Part of me just wants to yell, “STOP YOUR WHINING!” Deep breath… Let’s be supportive here… However, the phrase that comes to mind is, “misery loves company.” As stated in The American Heritage Idioms Dictionary, “Fellow sufferers make unhappiness easier to bear… Words to this effect appeared in the work of Sophocles (c. 408 b.c.) and other ancient writers; the earliest recorded use in English was about 1349.” Is that where these people are coming from?  However,they certainly don’t need to be reprimanded.  Maybe they just need the gentle acknowledgement that yes, things suck.  I guess that step just needs to precede the “now what?” step.

OK, it has taken me a while but I can now read this list of complaints with more empathy.  So maybe it was me that needed to “Snap Out of It!”


One thought on “Snap Out of It!

  1. aI have been really lucky in my life living with my ataxia, I became a home health nurse and did it for 25 years, now that I am unable to work in the career I truly love, other venue have opened.
    I took care of patients that needed assistance in there homes with ADL {activites of daily living]
    I now can see that being a caregiver was shown to me cause one day I would need someone to assist me with my ADLs.
    I look for the good in life and the negative I leave it alone. Going to lunch, a ride, a movie, tea with friends, family get-togethers it what makes me happy. I do go to the YMCA and workout in the theraphy pool to keep on my feet, and my mood positive and it gives me something to do, other than watching tv. I am a leader of a ataxia support group with a wonderful and supportive group.
    I look for five good things that has happened to me every night when going to bed, even if its the sun shone today, I didnt fall down, had a good meal. This keeps my mood upbeat when I do get down.

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