Just Laugh

This is a video of me goofing off with my kids several years ago. Sometimes we all just take ourselves too seriously. We just need to be able to laugh at ourselves. We were being silly, not foolish.  Both kids (my son’s behind the camera) were right there to catch me if I fell.

This post reminded me of this: http://pegoleg.com/2015/01/05/why-i-would-rather-try-to-find-the-funny-than-the-meaning-of-life/. It really made me think. It made me realize that we really can’t control everything that happens to us but that we can control our response.  Sometimes we just have to laugh.

Oh yah, I could get all depressed over the fact that I used to be able to play basketball (well gave it a good try anyways) but that’s no fun.  Wouldn’t it just be hysterical if a bunch of Ataxians played basketball together? When the Ataxians are laughing, and the non-Ataxians are laughing at the laughter, that’s just a bunch of people laughing and having fun together.  All that laughter can bring anyone out of the doldrums of feeling sorry for themselves.


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