Willing to Change

IMG_1208Sometimes, we just need to be willing to make a change.  OK, this wasn’t a necessary change, but we moved to this house over 14 years ago and all that time our knives were in the farthest most right compartment in the silverware drawer.  However, a couple months ago, my daughter suggested that I was too stuck in my ways as she didn’t see why the bowls HAD to go in a certain place.  Oh, she made me realize that I didn’t like being accused of not being flexible enough and that some changes were in order.  So I not only moved the bowls, but also switched my spoons and knives in the silverware drawer.

This Ataxia definitely keeps me on my feet.  My symptoms are constantly changing and I need to therefore, roll with the changes.  So some changes are necessary.  It’s getting more difficult to get up from a seated position, and though sometimes I do resort to the stubborn “2-year-old” exclamation, “ I can do it MYSELF!”, I need to be willing to change and call Denim, my service dog, to my side.  Yes, I’ve always used THAT entrance, the one with all the stairs, but maybe it’s now time to change and start using the handicap entrance.  OK, I need to put all vanity aside and wear practical shoes instead of worrying about style.  I used to love going for nature hikes.  I still can, but I just need to change how.  (Now I have Denim by my side when I go hiking.)

Changes can also help our mental health.  Maybe it’s a new hair style or something so insignificant as switching which chair I typically sit in at the dinner table.  Sometimes I just need to change things up. I don’t want to be accused of the using the philosophy of, “well that’s how it’s ALWAYS been!”

IMG_1211Sometimes change is just fun.  When I was a kid doing a paint-by-number, I absolutely loved switching to a new color after exhausting all the parts that used the previous color.  When my younger brother and I got new sneakers at the beginning of summer vacation, we would be convinced they made us run faster. Even though I didn’t NEED new socks, these socks looked fun!


One thought on “Willing to Change

  1. I love this. It is so true that we get stuck in our old habits. I’ve read that varying your routines is good for preventing dementia.


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