Going UP Always Seems to be Easier

400697_4646593930077_1587453835_nThis lousy weather makes me want to return to a fun adventure some friends and I had back in the spring of 2013. Our vacation in Utah was spectacular!  However, I do have to admit that some excursions proved to be more of a challenge than they would have been before Ataxia.

For instance, one day we went horseback riding.  As the above picture shows, taken at the top of the hill, the ride UP was very enjoyable and relaxing.  However, on the other hand, the ride DOWN the hill was definitely more of a challenge.  But hey, I held on for “dear life” and survived!  Actually, I was never in any real danger.  The horse was extremely well-behaved and there were guides all around.   But nevertheless, I still suffered several aches and pains in the days following.  My muscles were sore from all the tension!

Why was UP so much easier?  Part of it, I think, is psychological.  When riding UP, I could see the ground ahead of me.  So I could see the top that I was heading for. On the other hand, going DOWN, I couldn’t see a thing.  I could only trust that the horse could see the ground and knew where he was headed.


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