The “Color” of Ataxia

IMG_1169One of my latest pastimes is to color.   Coloring is not only billed as a stress fighter and mood elevator but also it really works on the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. One of my favorite coloring books is a book of patterns.  The individual sections of these drawings are large enough so as not to be too frustrating for someone with as poor motor control as me. (Don’t look too closely though!  I still go out of the lines quite a bit.) I also like the freedom to choose which colors I want.

IMG_1165Well, while I was working on this latest one, I thought about all the parallels there were to having Ataxia. These patterns are very free-form and open to imagination.  I can choose any color to make the over-all picture just as I can decide how I’m going to deal with my Ataxia.  However, just as the drawing has outlines which limit my creativity, so does my Ataxia.  I work with what limited capabilities I have.


Oops! I used the “wrong” colored pencil here.  But instead of crying that it was ruined, I went with it.   I colored some more with that “wrong” pencil and made it look like it was planned all along.

P.S. Museum stores are good places to find some fun coloring books.


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