I Did NOT Quit!

Sorry, bit of a rant here.  I am very tired of the implication that I QUIT my job!  I did not voluntarily quit!  My doctor at the time, back in April 2000,  recommended that I stop working as my symptoms were progressing and I was getting too tired.  Sure, I had to convince myself that I was lucky to be able to spend so much time with my small children but I always found it rather insulting when a non-disabled person would say, “oh, your SO lucky!”  Oh really?  You want my Ataxia?  It kinda goes with the territory.

Then at this time of year, I get, “it must be so nice to not have to work.  You can easily get all your holiday shopping and decorating done.  Oh really?  I surely must keep that in mind as I sit here typing this and catching my breath after doing a couple errands!

I don’t work for a reason.  I never hear people who retire be a accused of “quitting” their job.  It is understood that they are stopping work as their circumstances have changed making it not practical to continue.  Hmmm, isn’t that what I did?

Yes, I believe in making the best of it, because this is the hand I’ve been dealt. But please don’t belittle it by telling me how lucky I am compared to you if you are not disabled.  Please be aware of what you are doing when you complain incessantly about your job.  To be honest, I think I’d take the cantankerous colleague over the Ataxia.  You wouldn’t complain to a person with no arms, that your arm was sore.  Would you?

Again, sorry for the rant.  Just don’t judge me because my Christmas tree is not up yet!


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