A Dirty Job

choresThis morning, I had to complete a very disgusting chore!  How to put it delicately……well, Denim is a Great Dane and um…what goes in must come out.  Well, at least Denim took to a “designated area” pretty quickly. Well, that “designated area” needs to be cleaned up sometimes and this morning was one of those times.  Well, it was definitely overdue!  And all I could think was how it really was a lousy job!  “This just stinks!. How in the world can I possibly put a positive spin on this one?” Well, it gave me a topic to write about, for one.  Another positive aspect is the fact that I was getting in some real good balance practice as I maneuvered through that mine field.

It also taught me a lesson that is very applicable to dealing with my Ataxia.  I let this go way too long so now it was extremely “painful”.  So like this Ataxia, if I don’t get going, the more “painful” it’ll be when I finally need to.  I can’t let this Ataxia overwhelm me.  I have to stay on top of it!  Unfortunately, I can’t just throw away my Ataxia like I could with what I picked up this morning, but I can “put it in its place”.

And when I was finished this morning, Denim came over and licked me on the face as if to say “thank-you”.  That certainly helped!

Ok, the connection is a little fuzzy. I tried!


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