A Ray of Sunshine

IMG_1139Today started out as one those typical “Ataxia” days.  You know, one of those where your body just doesn’t want to cooperate.   It can be so depressing when simple tasks become chores.

It all started when I got up really early (per Denim’s insistence) and looked out the window to a very dark and dreary landscape.  My knees ached.  I needed Denim to help me do the simplest thing like get my coffee. I totally missed the glass when trying to pour my juice. Then just doing a mundane thing like getting my vitamins out of the medicine cabinet turned into a marathon event as it seemed to take forever.  Dropping each pill and bottle cap while making several attempts to pick up each proved to be a lesson in perseverence. Plugging in my hairdryer became a game of target practice as I repeatedly tried to get that plug into the outlet.  Simply throwing something into the waste basket became an accomplishment worth 3 points!  I brushed my teeth and bit my inner cheek.  While trying to comb my hair, I poked myself in the eye. I must have been given the gift of tongues as no one could understand my speech.

But then I went outside with Denim and saw the sun glowing as it came up through the trees.  I looked at Denim and realized what a wonderful gift I had in her.  She’s so beautiful and such a sweetheart.  The snow is so pretty on the bushes.  I laughed at the morning I had just had.  I think I’ll, go practice playing some piano……………..  Hey, that actually sounded pretty good!


3 thoughts on “A Ray of Sunshine

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