My Flannel Shirt

AAAADFtYVxcAAAAAAJEwggAs you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been recycling my articles from past support group newsletters.  Getting dressed this morning, reminded me of this one:

At one of our gatherings, several of us discussed the difference between when we are merely trying our best, making the effort, and working our existing capabilities versus just being stubborn and irresponsible.  When do we use the cane, walker, or wheelchair?   I can currently get by with the use of my service dog, Denim. But one of these days, I may need something more.

I’m afraid that if I depend too much on an external aid, I’ll become too complacent.  However, when I need it, I need to put the pride aside, and admit it!  It seems to be a fuzzy line that we all need to constantly interpret  and then re-interpret as our symptoms change. For instance, I recently burned myself pretty bad, draining pasta.  What was I doing? I should have asked for help.  I also recently fell in the bathroom and needed stitches.  What was I doing without Denim by my side?  Unfortunately, a lot of lessons are learned the hard way.

Putting on one of my favorite shirts this morning, I was reminded of this debate.  That shirt was a chore to put on!  It was all buttons!  I have to admit that occasionally that frustration gets to me and I just want to throw all those shirts with buttons away.  But isn’t it sometimes worth the struggle?   I just need to remind myself of the price I have to ‘pay’? A little extra time to get ready in the morning?  A pretty small price to pay, in my opinion.  For instance, if I never make the effort to do all those buttons, could I lose that ability?  Maybe ‘practice’ may never make ‘perfect’ but maybe, in this case, ‘practice’ can keep things in the ‘realm of possibility’.

Where do we draw the line between ‘worth the effort’ and ‘foolish’?  In my opinion, trying is a good thing but sometimes we just need to admit we need help.  On the other hand, button-fly jeans would be ‘just plain stupid’!


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