Volunteering at the Farm

IMG_1116I believe that volunteering your time can improve your outlook.  Especially if your disability has left you in the position of no longer being employed.  Having a “mission” can be so uplifting.

One of my volunteer activities is to spend a few hours per week helping out at the farm where my service dog, Denim, is from.  It’s an absolutely wonderful place right in Ipswich, MA.  It is such a wonderful feeling being part of an organization that does so much good.  Check them out:


You can also visit the farm and see the Great Danes first hand.  They have an open house every Sunday afternoon.

There are also some wonderful videos about the farm on YouTube.  One video is:



3 thoughts on “Volunteering at the Farm

  1. I know volunteering has helped my outlook greatly. I volunteer a couple of hours every day and our towns Council on aging. We put together about 100 meals to be delivered to the elderly for their meals. I look at volunteering as physical therapy because you do repetitive things and moving all around. I know this has helped me to stay as active as I am.


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