cropped-0001px.jpegHey everyone welcome to the New England Ataxia Support Groups under the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) blog. If you have signed on to this group, you have the ability to publish, comment, write, and upload pictures if you wish. You can share ideas, issues, concerns, research, or new findings on here. The general public can see all posts and comment on them.

Let’s start by introducing ourselves. Include a picture if you want, putting that post in the introductions category and then providing contact information under the Contact Info category.  Just go to the top right and click “new post” and type away. Don’t forget to choose a category (on the right side).  You can always start your own categories too! To invite other members of our support groups to this blog, click the globe on the top left, then ‘visibility’ then ‘users’ then ‘invite new’.  Make sure to add all new people as ‘administrator’- Donna


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