A Little Nostalgia…

I wore my old conference shirt to volunteer this morning and was reminded of a very special time. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long, but it’s been 10 years already. In 2006, the then “New England Support Group” hosted the National Ataxia Foundation’s annual membership meeting.
There was such a camaraderie amongst this group that I just can’t describe. We all worked together to pull off a wonderful weekend. While engaged in planning for this event it was like we weren’t disabled. We were on fire! Now there is dancing at every annual conference but ours was the first!

But things change. This group has changed. Some have gone in different directions. Sadly, some have passed away. But of those still around we share a common bond. We are all dealing with or have dealt with a similar disability. It is so nice to be around people that truly UNDERSTAND!

What if I walked with a really cool cane

If I used a cool looking cane, would people just grab it from me in order to get a better look? Would they even point to it and say, “May I?” And when walking in the mall, would people stare and say loudly, “Wow, look at that cane!” or make some disparaging comment like, “Is that a cane or a totem pole?”

I don’t think so!

Yet, people do act that way about Denim. I realize that my Ataxia is not really obvious, unless I’m walking, but would you assume that a person walking with a “cool cane” didn’t really NEED it? When I am using her to help me stand, and someone asks if they can pet her, that puts me in a weird spot. Think of her as a really cool cane (but so much better)!  I traded my cane for a Dane!!


Yesterday’s was aposiopesis and today’s word of the day is presenteeism

Aposiopesis refers to a sudden breaking off in the middle of a sentence. I guess I forgot what I was going to say…This is so indicative of so many of us with Ataxia. I just never knew there was a word for it! All day long yesterday I would tell myself that that I was going to write this post, sit at the computer and then promptly forget what I was going to write about. 😃
Presenteeism is the practice of coming to work despite illness or injury. This seems to often be the case for those of us with Ataxia. We can’t just “sit home” and wallow in self pity. 

It is also working at a job without obligation, like volunteering. This reminds me of two articles I once wrote about my volunteer work: 




Today’s word of the day is reify

Reify means to convert into or regard as a concrete thing: in other words provide proof. 
My disability is not obvious if I am not attempting to walk. Therefore, I feel that I need to prove that I need to park in a handicap spot. I know that I am wrong doing this but I always do. It started when an older man angrily accused me of taking my grandmother’s placard when I “stole” HIS parking spot.